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Finger Lickin'

If the girl were to place her finger in her vagina and then place it in her mouth, should kissing be avoided?
Finger-Lickin’ Good

Dear Finger-Lickin’ Good,

Some women enjoy their taste and get off on tempting a partner to do the same. Often a seduced one’s dilemma is: Which lips to feast on first? If kissing should be avoided at all in this case depends on what your concerns are exactly. If you’re worried about cleanliness, know that the female’s genitals are a self-cleaning system that is cleaner than many other parts of the body, including the mouth.

If you’re worried about infections, there is a slight risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI), including HIV, from fingering (stimulation of the vagina with the fingers). While fingering is a low-risk sexual activity for HIV/STI transmission, theoretically there’s a chance of infection if infected vaginal fluids or menstrual blood enter the blood stream or come in contact with other mucous membranes. Using a finger condom or latex glove during such sex play reduces the risk of transmission.