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Deep Throat

Can you give me some pointers on deep-throating, particularly how to avoid the feeling of vomiting?
Deep Throat

Dear Deep Throat,

In deep-throating, try to stay relaxed with the in and out movement of giving head. It’s a bit of a mental game you need to play with yourself as the penis goes deeper and deeper into your mouth, faster and faster. Even though it’s hard, don’t focus on where the tip of the penis is, rather where your lips are on the shaft of the penis and applying pressure there.

In dealing with the gag reflex, hold his penis steady and relax your throat muscles – as if you were chugging a beverage. Keep your lips firm enough to provide stimulation to the penis and breathe through your nose. Also, make sure that you have control of the thrusting movement and that your partner isn’t trying to control things by holding your head or forcing the penis further down your throat.

One last tip… don’t feel that you have to deep-throat for minutes on end. Take a break from it by playing with the tip of penis or other areas of the genitals before going deep again.