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Pot Use for Better Sex: Why Proponents May Want to Reconsider This Passion Pursuit

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For those into it, stoned love may have to become the exception to the rule. A study published in a recent issue of the journal Cancer has confirmed an association between testicular cancer and high levels of smoking marijuana. With men in certain parts of the world experiencing higher rates in the incidence of testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT), it appears that the cannabinoid receptors on testicular cancer tumor cells may be, in part, to blame.

A U.S.-based study found that frequent – as in daily or greater – and long-term pot smokers were significantly more likely than controls to develop nonseminoma, a classification of testicular cancers that arise in specialized sex cells (the germ cells). Such is just the latest case against smoking up when it comes to your sex life, with earlier findings indicating it hampers efforts to make a baby as well.

Research out of the University of Buffalo, in 2003, found that heavy marijuana use decreases fertility by causing sperm to swim, funny enough, “too fast too early.” Their vigorous swimming – called hyperactivation – begins too soon, leaving them no energy to get close enough to the egg for fertilization, let alone penetrate it.

Not surprisingly, marijuana-smoking men have significantly lower volumes of semen (often half the male norm). THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, also impacts a female’s reproductive organs when she smokes up, with her system affecting the sperm that enter her body, changing it.

Women may experience vaginal dryness as well, with heavy use over time increasing her levels of testosterone, which can cause infertility. Heavy use over the long-term can also lead to decrease in his testosterone levels, resulting in infertility. For both men and women, use over time can lead to changes in sex drive, causing it to diminish, if not snuff it out completely.

Pot has long held human rapture in its ability to boost sexual excitation, namely via disinhibition. It further has a reputation for enabling orgasms from the stimulation of different parts of the body, for prolonging and intensify sexual sensations, for inducing feelings of relaxation and contentment, and for stretching out one’s perception of time for a seemingly longer sex session.

Yet while a stimulant for some, pot can be an anti-motivational drug for others, leading. To sloppy, unfulfilling, or frustrating sex. We’ve known for years that it can limit one’s control over his or her movements, decrease judgments (which can lead to high-risk sexual behaviors, like unprotected sex), and cause one to lose interest in sex, focus, or feelings of arousal. This sedative-hypnotic further lends itself to delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men.

Now, with its long-term, frequent use confirmed as cancer-causing, we may finally see its reputation as a sexual enhancement go up in smoke. What do you think?

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