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The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking

The Better Sex® Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking is the definitive reference manual to sex from the leading adult sex educator, the Sinclair Institute, creators of the phenomenally successful Better Sex® video series. Based on the latest research in sexuality, each chapter gives readers frank advice on how positions actually work, how to incorporate sexual practices like anal sex and bondage into a sexual repertoire safely and respectfully, and how to resolve sexual challenges such as mismatched sex drive and premature ejaculation. Going beyond where other bestselling sex manuals stop short, this guide covers every aspect of sexual activity from the basics such as anatomy, masturbation, and intercourse to more advanced sexplay such as oral and anal sex, fetishes, sex toys, and role-playing. Explicit full color photography and illustrations will demonstrate key elements, skills, and techniques in a realistic manner.

The Sinclair Institute offers the most extensive library of sex education programs for adults who wish to improve the quality of intimacy and sex in their relationships with products covering topics from creative sexual positions and advanced sex techniques to exploring G spot pleasure and erectile difficulty solutions.