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Speakers Bureau is the only place on the web featuring formally trained sex experts who are truly qualified to speak on a number of sexuality-related topics, like eroticizing safer sex, sexual behaviors, STIs/HIV/AIDS, relationships and love, orgasm and pleasuring, sexual orientation, and alcohol and sexual assault.

Our sexuality experts are available for speaking engagements (including keynotes), guest lectures, workshops/seminars, and bachelorette parties. Presentations can be tailored for students and young adults, parents, educators, health professionals, the news media, community policymakers, the entertainment industry, and other groups of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and sexual orientation.

Headed by sexologist Eric Garrison, our Speakers Bureau will work with you in tailoring programming to fit your needs and desires. In booking an expert, consider:
  • If your program revolves around a “hot date.”
  • The type of program you’d like.
  • Your budget. Prices vary depending on function type, location (travel expenses), group size, and type of group (sliding scale for non-profits).
(NOTE: There is no nudity, live models, or practice of sex acts during speaking engagements.)

In contacting Eric, be sure to include:
  • Your name & contact information
  • Your topic of choice
  • Event date (including alternate dates) & time frame
  • Group size & description
  • Event location
  • Goals (class enhancement, stress relief, to raise awareness…)
  • Any other event details
Eric will respond to your request with qualified sex expert speaker suggestions, as well as their availability, price, and technical requirements for your program of interest.

To book a speaker for a hit program on your campus or at your event, send your email to: